Technologist, coach, trainer and energy healer

Manu comes from the corporate world. He has spent 30 years in various executive positions in high-tech multinational companies, where uneasiness and stress symptoms are frequently observed. As an expert in Change Management and a leader concerned with the well-being of his teams and colleagues, he has deeply studied and diversified his knowledge of holistic health systems and the underlying scientific principles that make them successful

“Give life to your life” is his personal mission statement, a principle he applies to himself and that has now been underlying his everyday life for over 6 years, when he set himself this healing mission.

In both his professional life and healing activities, he is keen to give his best, loves learning new healing and coaching modalities. Passionate about working with people, he enjoys seeing the positive transformations he helps bring in their lives. His experience and broad knowledge enables to address most needs for healing individuals, families and teams.

His multiple certifications

Level 2 Reiki, Reconnection-Certified™, Gold Standard EFT, Body Mirror system Practitioner, Metrix Energetics, Advanced Theta Healing, Certified Hypnosis Practitioner, NLP Practitioner trained by Richard Bandler, PSYCH-K® practitioner and Neuro Change Solutions (NCS) trainer of ground breaking program based on the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza. Life coach, based on Thinking into Results (TIR), a Bob Proctor program.