Antonella Lo Re

AntonellaLo Re


Antonella is the author of 7 Steps to Joy. A book where she shares her spiritual journey and her awakening experience that led her to identify seven fundamental inner abilities we all have and need to tap into and to work on to achieve joy in life.

Through her life, her single mother experience and whatever that entailed she discovered her own path of awareness. Her own spiritual journey brought her to the real purpose of her existence.

Antonella is inspiring people who want to walk the path of their own spiritual journey. Intuitive, witty, enthusiastic of life she navigates life with serenity even amongst the worst storms that have landed in her life and she wishes this so sought after balance to all.

She is of Italian origin and she divides her time between the United States and Switzerland. Antonella has a master degree in modern languages from the university of Pisa, Italy. Multilingual, lived in several countries and got to learn and appreciate different cultures. Her strongest wish is to be part of those who are not fighting against what it is but part of those who makes a difference for what it will be. Everyday is a new gift and opportunity to evolve and grow up not only older!