Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive & Healer

Dr. Lynne Cockrum-Murphy, LISAC is an intuitive consultant and healer specializing in supporting her clients and students to achieve freedom from limiting beliefs, to change work and life conditions to a happier state and to embrace an expanding sense of self and possibility.

She uses ThetaHealing®, Access Bars®, counseling skills, channeling and intuitive energy work and readings to facilitate physical healing, emotional freedom and to help them reach their personal goals.

With decades of experience she uses her skills to guide people forward in their quest using a variety of tools to fit each individual’s circumstances. She has a private practice in the Phoenix - Scottsdale, Arizona area. She offers one-on-one services, group sessions, training and private consulting and is available to help clients move to their next level, through nurturing and gentle guidance. Services include:

  • ThetaHealing: removing limiting beliefs & genetic patterns, downloading positives
  • ThetaHealing Classes: basic, advanced, manifesting & more
  • Intuitive Readings and Channeling
  • Access Consciousness Bars: classes and treatments
  • Meditation Classes

Dr. Lynne has followed a spiritual life, studying and practicing Buddhist, Hindu, Christian and Metaphysical teachings since the age of 17 and has been a teacher of mindfulness practices since 1978.

Her 2015 book, Living Hope - Steps to Leaving Suffering Behind, an Amazon #1 Best seller describes the trauma of her childhood and how she moved beyond the dysfunction and events of her past and is a model of hope, action and success for those who also suffered trauma and seek a life of spirituality and inner peace.

Her newest book, Unfolding the Mystery of Self – We Are Never Alone, is also an Amazon #1 Best seller, goes well beyond her story of tragedy and trauma and explores the spiritual journey of study and mystical experiences. She describes the development of psychic and healing gifts. Moving beyond one’s personality to the awareness that enlightenment isn’t just for Buddhists.

Dr. Lynne received her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Special Education and her doctorate from Arizona State University in Educational Leadership. She is a licensed substance abuse counselor since 2003, a certified ThetaHealer® and Instructor, a certified Access Consciousness Bars® healer and Instructor.