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What Other People are Saying...

Lisa Guillory
I told Wendy all about the work coming through you to assist people on their healing journeys, and how working with you has made a huge impact on my life. I feel better than I have ever felt, and it is wonderful!

Carolyn Bayne
What joy, what excitement, what inspiration you have brought to our community. I am blessed to have met you, experienced and benefited from your spiritual healing, and I am so grateful for your friendship, love, and support. May you continue to broaden your reach of golden light to touch others, who in turn glow with their enabled flame of Love and Wisdom.

Peggy, 80+ y.o.
I will never be the same , having been instructed and anointed by one of God’s chosen vessels. Your holy boldness and obedience I admire and appreciate.

Grazia Walker (Re her 10 y.o. granddaughter)
My adorable granddaughter is doing extremely well... she is now happy, very loving and lovable. Little by little after seeing you she improved to the point that she now is a different girl... and of course the whole family dynamic changed and is a very happy family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

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