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E.V.E Consciousness presents a fresh perspective to our understanding of the path of life. This new outlook unveils gifts and tools that will expand your faith for what's possible, and transform what you're getting in life...

E.V.E Consciousness World Tour Launch!!!

Where: Lugano, Switzerland (Sign Up Today!!!)
When: November 9-12, 2017
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The E.V.E Consciousness Story...

What's your story?

Our stories dictate our experience of reality, mold the choices we make, and shape how we view everything. We're constantly working on our story because that's how we progress, learn, and obtain better results from life.


is upgrading your story. In the rapidly changing world we live in, isn't it time to CHANGE your story?? You're invited to hear the new story that will change your life, your abundance, and the world.

E.V.E Consciousness

...the new story that will change your life, your abundance, and the world.

The New Story

Come to learn of the third phase of human consciousness progression that starts now. Awakening your E.V.E Consciousness will put you in control of your Energetic Vibrational Exchange and empower you to create the relationships, adventures, spiritual fulfillment, and the material abundance that your heart desires. Once you've stepped into the realm of creating through your heart, you will be a contributor to making a better world possible for all.

Our Evolutionary Journey


Polarity Consciousness


Christ Consciousness


E.V.E Consciousness

Once Upon a Time...

In the 'beginning' of the journey of humanity on Earth, "Eve" initiated the unveiling of the knowledge of good and evil, stepping into Polarity Consciousness with Adam.

We have progressed...

We humans are beings who traverse the road between spirit and matter. Our next step is to be the creative forces, the Avatars, of this world. It is time to step up to our calling which is to walk in the image of God and use the energy of Matter (Polarity Consciousness), and of Spirit (Christ Consciousness) to create our beautifully intended reality. Heaven on Earth is our destiny.

Now you can have True Freedom!


Polarity Consciousness

Associated with contrast Evil/Good, Satan/God, Earth/Heaven, Dark/Light, Pain/Pleasure


Christ Consciousness

Associated with Unconditional Love, Jesus, Heavenly Throne, Spirit, Acceptance


E.V.E Consciousness

Associated with Pure Thought-form Creation, "Christed" Beings, E.V.Es of Creation, FREEDOM

Your Cosmic Order: Abundance is only a thought away!!!


  • Step-by-step guide to create your own Cosmic Order
  • Learn how abundance can be yours with a thought
  • Receive exactly what you want with ease

Path to Wealth Through Faith

An Introduction to The Inspired Teachings of E.V.E Consciousness

by Dr. Leslie Wells
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Dr. Leslie Wells and special guest Nathan Cloud

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